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Monday, October 25, 2010


Hopefully readers have made their comments on the Natural Environment consultation and can turn their attention to another important issue.

We have organised a public meeting on Badgers on November 18th in Somerton and the subject of Bovine TB is rising up the public agenda. For some that's because the Government is considering culling together with other measures whilst others don't think that will work and is consequently a bad idea. There is a great deal of information on the DEFRA web site to cover all aspects of the subject.
Somerset Badger Group and the Somerset Wildlife Trust have issued a statement to draw attention to public consultation in progress now and concluding on DEC 8th. Here it is.
The Government is consulting on proposals to cull badgers as part of a strategy to control bovine tuberculosis.  The Governments preferred option is Option 6:  Issuing licences under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992 to cull, vaccinate or carry out a combination of culling and vaccination.
Somerset Wildlife Trust’s response
  • Bovine TB is a serious issue for farmers. Government and the farming sector should take a science-led and comprehensive approach to tackling bovine TB, using all available sensible measures to control and eradicate this disease.
  • We do not support the current Government proposals for culling badgers, as these are not supported by scientific evidence and will be difficult to implement effectively in practice. Far from helping to control bovine TB, the proposed badger cull could actually make the problem worse.
  • The recently available badger vaccine could help to control bTB if used systematically over a period of years.
  • All possible biosecurity measures should be enforced on farms to help control spread of the disease.
  • The Government must put its energy into removing the barriers to development and use of a cattle vaccine for bTB, with a commitment to bring this into widespread use as soon as possible.
Please respond to the consultation
Make your voice heard to help the Government make the right decision. The Government consultation closes on December 8.   It can be found at:

Post to:           TBBC mailbox
                        Nobel House, 17 Smith Square,
                        London, SW1P 3JR

Please contact the Somerset Trust Badger Group for further information:

Adrian Coward          01749 671065
24/7 Help Line:          07850 604585

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