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Saturday, September 18, 2010

Government consultation on the natural environment. No 2

Chancellors Farm copyright Steve BondI have been neglecting my Blog and as a short term answer I am copying a posting from the Somerset Wildlife Trust web site just to get things moving again! 
From the SWT Web site, link  here
The White Paper on the Natural Environment provides a real opportunity to lay the foundations of nature conservation for the 21st Century. In the build up to the General Election, The Wildlife Trusts called on the next Government to introduce a White Paper for Nature to identify the policy changes needed to restore our natural environment and ecosystems. Now it is time for you to play your part in nature’s recovery.

Act Now…. Your Support Could Make All The Difference

1. Complete the Government’s online survey ­- make sure you, your family and friends complete the Government’s online survey and comment on ‘An invitation to shape the nature of England’ by 30 October 2010.
2. Contact your MP ­- ask your MP to champion an ambitious White Paper to restore nature. Keep us in the loop.
3. Support us ­- join Somerset Wildlife Trust or make a donation to help us restore the natural environment.

A Recovery Plan for Nature in Somerset

Somerset Wildlife Trust has a vision for A Living Landscape. This is a recovery plan for nature to help create a resilient and healthy environment rich in wildlife and provide ecological security for people. Find out about our local Living Landscape projects.

Government Plea to Somerset Wildlife Trust Members

Caroline Spelman, Defra Secretary of State for the Environment, has recorded a video message for Wildlife Trust members inviting them to contribute to the White Paper discussion. Click here to view it.

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