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Sunday, May 09, 2010

Woodland wonderland

A walk organised by the Private Nature Reserve Network, run by the Somerset Wildlife Trust proved to be a wonderful experience as we walked for some 2 miles through mixed deciduous woodland, surrounded just about everywhere by Bluebells.The only minor blemish on the day was the mostly cloudy sky and the chill in the North East wind. To give a taste of woodland here are a few photographs.They show one of the groups of visitors, a fallen tree surrounded by Bluebells, an orchid (Early Purple I think) and a mystery plant. Can anyone identify it for me please.

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  1. Your mystery plant is Herb Paris (Paris quadrifolia i.e. 4 leaves). It is a rare(ish) ancient woodland specialist and is a GREAT find...well done. I too found some a few weekends ago but I knew where to look almost to the sqaure metre so it was a bit of a cheat...see my blog:

    Your orchis IS an early purple by the way - nice.

    I am very much a Levels fan too!