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Monday, February 01, 2010

Wildlife events

Nobody said it would be easy! 
Mainly because I put off making any enquiries early enough I have ended up working most of last week to  fix up events for our Group summer programme. We always have a deadline to meet to get details in the Trusts event diary and today was it for this summer.
The result is, I hope quite an interesting range of subjects and locations. Including:
  • Spring flower walk and talk in a local wood.
  • Butterfly walks with Butterfly Conservation. Three sites around our area.
  • Moth counts with Somerset Moth Group.Four counts also in a variety of habitats around our area.
  • Walk in our local Arable fields reserve, managed to allow wild flowers to thrive in fields also used for arable crops. Quite rare these days.
  • Our third Arts and Wildlife Workshop under the guidance of  well known artist Jenny Graham.
  • A Bat watch to a reserve to see bat boxes and hopefully some bats.
There may even be one or two extras to add eventually which we will have to show on our Blog or the Trusts web site.
Lets hope for good weather and lots of visitors!

PS You'll be able to see all the details on the Somerset Wildlife Trust web site as soon as they have processed them.

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