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Friday, June 26, 2009

Local commitmment to wildlife conservation

The SWT has just published this note following the recent County Council elections which produced a change in political control of the Council. My previous post reported on the national policy of the Conservative Party for reference.
Please go to the SWT web site for the complete statement.

SWT throws down the environmental challenge to Somerset County Council

Somerset Wildlife Trust (SWT) today threw down a challenge to the new Conservative-led Somerset County Council to make a strong commitment to Somerset’s environment.

Simon Nash, SWT’s chief executive, said: "Since the Conservatives won control of Somerset County Council a few weeks ago, we have been hearing worrying reports of a lack of commitment to Somerset’s environment and a reduction in resources allocated to this essential area. One, from a source close to the Council, was that the new Somerset County Council "doesn’t even have environment on its radar".

"If this is true, it simply isn’t good enough. Somerset enjoys a beautiful and wildlife-rich countryside, but it is under threat from all sides, including increased development, intensive land management and climate change.

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