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Sunday, January 25, 2009


According to the counter on this blog most visitors recently have been searching for info on the starling roosting display. I also get telephone calls usually from members of the Wildlife Trust or via the Trusts web site.

All these photographs are provided by Lynne Newton,

At present all I can do is to say that starlings continue to fly over our house on route to the Westhay area and we also see them return in the morning, regular as clockwork. They fly in groups of various sizes , perhaps a dozen and sometimes hundreds. But in the last few days two pairs of starlings have started visiting our roof space. Two pairs have been nesting under the eves for some years now. Last year we noticed they were pulling out lumps of loft insulation which we find in the garden and they have just started again this week. I'm not sure whether they stay here at night but it is an interesting observation. I must try to check it further.

Photographs of the display can be seen here: Lynne Newton,

The Somerset Wildlife Trust has a page with advice about the occurrence. Link here.

The RSPB has a telephone hotline number at 07866 554142.

Lyn Newtons photos are quite remarkable and should show you just how dramatic the sight can be.

You need to go on a fine day and there is no guarantee that these wild birds will perform every time.
Its the same with wildlife photography, you need a lot of patience and I wish you luck.

Lynne Newton

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