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Tuesday, January 20, 2009


"NERC" is the "Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006"
This Act may well be useful in raising an awareness amongst Councillors about the importance of biodiversity.

Notes on the working of this act were produced by BBOWT.

Guidance Note 13 (GN13) - Parish Councils and Parish Plans

As of October 2006, Parish Councils have a new duty to conserve biodiversity under
Section 40(1) of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 (the NERC
Act). This should not be an onerous duty, but an opportunity to protect and enhance the wildlife assets within the Parish. Parish Councils can now spend money on biodiversity, managing their land for the benefit of biodiversity or enacting bylaws to protect it.

Parish Councils should consider biodiversity in their responses to planning applications and should set out how they wish to conserve and enhance the wildlife resource of the parish in their Parish Plan. BBOWT has produced some more detailed guidance on how Parish Councils can fulfill their responsibilities under the NERC Act. The document is available electronically from the Trust’s Wildlife Information Service (

"BBOWT" is the Berks, Bucks and Oxford Wildlife Trust

Many Parishes don't have a Plan!

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