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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Starlings hotline for roosting information

I called the hot line number today to check for their advice.
There is a longish intro giving advice about the problems of parking in the area and suggesting that visitors should be there early in the week as it gets very busy at the weekends and to arrive at least 1 hour before dusk. Choose a fine day which is more likely to produce the aerial displays with a million birds in the air performing their dramatic formation flying.
It concludes by saying the birds are roosting at the RSPB Ham Wall reserve at present.

For information on the roosting starlings please phone the RSPB Avalon Marshes Starling Hotline - 07866 554142.

PS. It is not unusual for the birds to change their roosting sites from time to time.


  1. Don't forget the bumblebees as well! Visit the BWARS website for loads of information on this. Jane

  2. How could anyone forget the bumblebees but I have looked up BWARS and it will be very useful. Thanks for the suggestion. Your blog is very impressive and I will have to see how I can learn how to add some of the features you use so well.
    I'll add a link to your site.

  3. Thanks David. Also see the blog I've set up for Dorset Wildlife Trust at You might get some other ideas from that as well. Jane

  4. I've just realised I should have put my original comment on your Bees and Climate Change post... you must have thought I was completely bonkers! Jane

  5. I will look at the Dorset web site when I get a moment to spare!
    No I would never even think you were bonkers but I was a little puzzled but took it all in my stride!!
    Re your urban extension problem. Only a few days ago I read a CPRE paper which said quite a lot about the urbanisation problem, I suggest you look for some help there with your local group. You might also find your County Biodiversity Strategy gives arguments about conserving some of your local wildlife. Then there is the NERC Act 2006 which is quite a strong tool for arguing with local councils. Finally the economic problems coupled with climate change needs may mean that large housing plans are left on a shelf for years. Then we can all live happily ever after.

  6. Thanks for your suggestions David. Have a great Christmas. Jane