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Monday, November 10, 2008

Save our wildflower meadow !

Whilst you were all giving your attention to the US Election or the state of our economy our parish council has terminated the work of its own subcommittee which was set up to develop plans for the future use of its newly acquired 4 acre field. There has been no specific reason given but it followed within days of them receiving a letter from the District Councils Ecologist telling them how important the meadow was and making reference to legal responsibilities for conserving biodiversity as spelt out in the NERC Act 2006 ( Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act ). Its freely admitted by the Councillors that they would be happier if the field was used for general sporting activities.
Now that I am no longer a member of the defunct subcommittee I need to consider the best way to persuade Councillors that a nature reserve in the form of a wildflower meadow would be a great asset for our village. Especially as we already have a recreation field with football pitches within 50 yards of the field.

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