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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Kingfisher Project

This post is a follow up to the previous. Don't forget that to view a photo more clearly simply click on it.

A few photos of one of the schools during a visit to the meadow. The first shows a Grass Vetchling which was growing in the field margin. It is a very attractive flower especially as the plant looks very much like any other blade of grass untill it produces the lovely flower.

A group of children listening to information about butterflies and moths. A moth trap is on the ground in the foreground. "Butterfly Conservation" in action!

The Bee keeper waiting for the next group of children. He was a little concerned about the Queen Bee getting a little overheated on this rare sunny day.

Group activity checking owl pellets to look for small mammal bones. Pulling apart owl droppings was easily the most interesting activity followed by the trapping of a shrew.

Not all the exhibits were live . These two owls were stuffed. Animals found to have died from natural causes can still be of service. There was a live animal for the children to rub shoulders with so to speak.

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