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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Somerset Wildlife Photographs around our local nature reserve

To see the photos more clearly just click on the picture.

Not really in a recognised nature reserve and not very well camaflauged I found this moth sitting on our front door!
I make it a Pale Tussock ( Calliteara pudibunda)

Our new 200m native species double hedge soon after planting in April and it is now looking quite healthy after about 6 weeks. Included, spindle, field maple, wild privet, blackthorn, quickthorn, wayfarer tree and common dogwood.

And finally a photo of the first Bee Orchid of 2008 I have found in our local nature reserve.

We have also got a good crop of Yellow Rattle now flowering and hopefully beginning the job of suppressing the grasses to give other flowers a better chance.

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