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Wednesday, January 16, 2008


A follow up to my last post must include the report just issued by the Royal Society on this subject.
The society's press release can be found here:


Here is a short extract.

Latest press releases

Government needs to drive biofuels in right direction warns Royal Society

14 Jan 2008

Biofuels risk failing to deliver significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions from transport and could even be environmentally damaging unless the Government puts the right policies in place warns a new Royal Society report today (Monday 14 January 2008).

John Pickett said: "In designing policies and incentives to encourage investment in and the use of biofuels it is important to remember that one biofuel is not the same as another. The greenhouse gas savings of each depends on how crops are grown and converted and how the fuel is used. So, indiscriminately increasing the amount of biofuels we are using may not automatically lead to the best reductions in emissions."

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