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Friday, July 20, 2007

Reports of events in June

June and July are very busy months for wildlife groups and there is a lot to record from activities we have been involved in. Brief notes in chronological order will be followed by a few photos.

9 and 10th June and overlooked last post was my sponsored walk in the Langport International Walking Festival. 10km on the 9th and 20km on the 10th raised around £100 for our group and the Trust. We tried to get publicity for the Trust and its difficult to gauge our success but the cash will be useful.

11th June. Our Group hosted a meeting of all Area Chairs in the Long Sutton Village Hall. Members of our committee provided tea and cakes for around 20 people including Council members of the SW Trust and Officers. This meeting happens three times a year and provides a chance for volunteers to exchange news and views and debate common problems with the Officers. It was quite a lively meeting with a number of actions to be followed up. We need to issue the minutes of the meeting soon.

23th June. Our visit to a reserve to see the Large Blue butterfly has already been reported in an earlier post.

26th June. Some time ago we had organised a trip to some local lakes to look for Dragonflies with an expert to guide us. Dr Mike Parr who also happens to be a member.
The weather wasn't kind for this visit and although it didn't rain ( only a little anyway) it was overcast and windy. We saw a fair number of Damselflies but none of the larger Dragonflies hoped for. Even so we spent an hour of so walking round the lake with enough interest to satisfy us but left us wanting more. Dr Parr generously offered to postpone the second part of the walk till the weather improved which we subsequently tried to organise but again beaten by the weather. See below for report dated 13th July.

Here are some photos - the best I could!

Some more to follow soon.

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