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Saturday, June 09, 2007

Summer Garden Party - Photos

After taking a few pictures before we started, the party got going so well I forgot to take any more so this only gives an idea of how it looked with the 50 or so members and non members who attended. It was a great success and we must repeat it next year.

We added a raffle with a top prize of a garden token from a local nursery all on show at the entrance where our committee members used gentle persuasion on the visitors to sell raffle tickets.

It was a shock for the chairman who had the job of duty first aider and had to use his SWT issued first aid kit to find and apply a plaster.The scratch which needed plaster was definitely not the result of gentle persuasion. This was a significant moment as Health and Safety has become a serious matter and this was our first opportunity to apply our first aid skills.

We did find a bandage and it was duly applied.

From the entrance and after getting past the gate keeper there was a pleasant walk round to the start of the garden.

Awaiting our visitors we had tables for wine, soft drinks and Somerset cheeses.

At last our first guest made it to collect a glass of wine and the party was officially under way. We did eventually have around 50 visitors all of whom declared they had enjoyed the occasion.

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