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Monday, January 22, 2007

Somerset Wildlife Trust 2006/2007

Presentation by Simon Nash, Chief Executive Officer for the Somerset Wildlife Trust.

As reported in my last post staff and volunteers were given a presentation at Trust HQ on January 12th 2007, of the Trusts achievements in 2006, the challenges already anticipated for 2007 together with key priorities for the next 12 months. Simon kindly made this information available for publication here.

Achievements in 2006

  • Reorganisation and clarification of the "People and Wildlife" (PaW) team.
  • Mendip project fundraising success and set-up.
  • The Badger campaign.
  • Huge expansion of our education work.
  • Carymoor merger.
  • Dedicated Volunteer Support
  • Dynamic and solid fundraising team.

2007 - key challenges

  • Climate Change….
  • Unsustainable development.
  • Maintaining organisational momentum whilst achieving consolidation.
  • Communicating in a larger/more complex organisation.
  • Generating sufficient income in a challenging and changing environment – its all about people as well as wildlife.

Priorities for 2007

  • Sustainability successfully integrated across the organisation.
  • Improved valuing of and retention of our members.
  • Measuring our performance – and reporting on results (not process) – clearly showing what difference we make.
  • Creation of a Wildlife Info service.
  • Continued and improved engagement with volunteers.
  • Carymoor fully incorporated into the Trust’s work; FC and Carymoor Education work ‘seamless’.
  • Seamless working between SWT and SERC which will include a consistent GIS system across SWT and SERC, with more people using it.
  • The Mendip Habitat survey.
  • Success in getting trainees into environmental jobs sooner than ever before.
  • Management of Visitor Centres refined to ensure a co-ordinated and well planned approach.
  • Successful access project started on our reserves.
  • Advisory work and Wildlife Sites project developed/re-launched after a long absence of capacity
  • Successful Mendip project well on its way
  • Successful campaigns and lobbying.
  • Levels and Moors project well developed by end of calendar year.
  • Tone Floodplain project scoping completed and, ideally, project started.
  • Parrett Sluice to become "as dead as a Parrot"! and abandoned as a bad idea.
  • Web-site revamped – more accessible.
  • Continue to increase our influence, profile and effective working with partners.

We hope in our local group to be able to make a contribution to some if not all these challenges and priorities in 2007.

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  1. I think I would have included in 2006 achievments, that one new Area Group was launched successfully( Heart of the Levels Group) and all the hard work completed for another Group, East Mendips, launched in January 2007