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Sunday, October 22, 2006

Beer Wood Fungi Foray

If you have never been on an autumn trek into the woods in search of fungi then I can assure you, you have missed a treat.
Today I was in Beer Woods, one of the best reserves in Somerset with about 60 other enthusiasts. Peter Baker, Reserve Manager, gave us a short introduction to what we might find and then it was up to us to spend the next hour and a half rooting around on the steep escarpment.
We certainly found plenty of specimens and headed back to the village hall for lunch and to let the experts examine our haul. Perhaps you can imagine the sight when all the fungi had been displayed with what looked to me like a hundred or so different species with many different shapes and sizes. It was remarkable. I was busy throughout taking photos and hope to show you some of them soon. I was also able to set up a small table display with information about our new local group which generated interest.
Even some rain towards the end of the collection did little to spoil the day.
More later!

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