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Monday, August 14, 2006

General news update

In a small change to this Blog I have added a link to the web site for the Somerset Wildlife Trust at the bottom of this template.

Although August is a quiet month with holidays etc, we have progressed a press release to local parish news sheets for our Sept 28th meeting on Climate Change. We must let the local papers know soon.
The Trust summer Magazine is due out any day now and that will carry full details of the meeting and information about our group.

There may be progress on the subject of my last post. I hope a meeting can be set up with the councils Ecology unit to talk about conservation of a grass meadow and I hope to ask about local action on the UK Biodiversity Plan.
I found a web site concerned with the definition of biodiversity which highlighted the need to be clear about the terms used. The web address is:

My self imposed task of visiting all our local nature reserves has progressed a little . There are still 3 to go out of 14. My impressions are as I noted on July 21st. Some are more interesting than others for lay persons and in all cases a first visit with a reserve manager is desirable. Details like access and parking or other means of reaching the reserves can all be research by ourselves but the flora and fauna to be seen needs an experienced eye to give a satisfactory experience of the visit. We also need a list of reserve managers and contact details.

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