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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Recent photos and improvements to the blog

Here are two photos taken in the last two days.
Into our conservatory this monster flew, clung to the blind long enough for me to photograph it through the glass from the outside and then was good enough to take the open door to freedom. Its wing span was at least 7 cm and its body was about 4 or 5. Can anyone identify it please? The other was in an unimproved grass meadow near Curry Rivel.

This looks like half a dozen Burnet moths on a single Field Scabious.

Making this blog as easy to use as possible is essential if it is to serve its purpose of helping us develop contacts with our local members.
Today I've added a counter which appears right at the start before the first post. I.E. at the bottom of the blog.
The Trust has added a reference to the blog on its main web site which is good publicity for our group.
I've added my email address so that readers can more easily comment or contribute by email including photo's. Its shown in my profile and I hope on the web page itself. I cant always tell if I've made the change successfully for a day or so!
I've been finding out a bit more about how to register as a user of the blog which will help if anyone wants assistance.In the next post we can now add our programme of events up to Xmas.

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