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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nature reserve visits

Close to Babcary Meadows is Perry Meade. The map on the SWT web site is very good but I think the grid reference for limited parking at the side of the lane should be 563303
Find the lane to Foddington from the B3153 and head south to the little bridge over the River Cary shown below.The river is a very small stream at this point. Park nearby and find the signpost to Lovington by the side of the lane. One field away is the reserve. If anybody has explored the reserve please share your observations with us.

I didnt have time to do more than find the reserve before going on to Green Down. There are two access points and the western end close to the main line railway bridge is shown on the photo below.

More details on the SWT web site. The reserve has been closed to all visitors from June 3rd till July 16th because of the prescence of the rare Large Blue butterfly.

See SWT web site for details:
Another site which deserves a longer visit!

On 23rd July I joined an organised walk in Breech Wood near High Ham for a very successful sighting of vaious species of butterflies including the quite special Silver-washed Fritillary and its even rarer form known as Valezina. My photo is not very good but can be recognised I think.

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  1. Perry Mead is a small reserve best visited in late spring or early summer.
    At this time of year the there are a mass of wild-flowers as can be seen from the photograph later on in David’s Blog. These are either harvested during Hay Making or eaten by the cattle that graze the reserve.
    On the north side of the reserve is the River Carey which though in the last few years has looked pretty much like a large ditch, floods the access road to Foddington when there are heavy rains. One result of this is that Perry Meade is sometimes quite waterlogged and there is even a mini rhyne in the middle.
    The public access footpath that is sign-posted in David’s photograph not only goes more or less along the river side to Lovington. It also joins up with another, which passes over the river onto the golf course, up to Wheathill and across both the railway-line and numerous fields to East Lydford. It’s quite a good varied, circular walk if you come back across the B3153 and down the lane towards Foddington.
    The other feature of note is the large Dew Pond to the east of the reserve. This has had in wet years, magnificent Bull rushes.