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Sunday, June 04, 2006

The 20km walk and other things

Heart of the Levels Wildlife Group

The Walk.
Going on from my last post we weren't able to organize a stall at the Langport International Festival of Walking on the 3rd June. I have to admit that my lateness in confirming the arrangements for a table, the display boards and most importantly a rota of members to be present led to a decision to abandon the idea. Nobody was too disappointed by this I'm sure. As it turned out it was not a good venue for catching peoples attention since most walkers were more concerned with rest and recuperation after a very hot day in the sun and some steep hills. My offer to walk to raise money for our group met with some success! I completed 20km in the sun and should have raised about £40 for wildlife. I have a stamped certificate to prove my completion of the walk.
Next committee meeting.
Trying to find a date for our next meeting is a little difficult due to other commitments and holidays. However we must meet to formalize our committee structure and start to draw up our programme for the next 12 months.
I am now going for Thursday June22 nd and waiting to hear from members as to their availability!

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