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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Somerset local action to cope with Climate Change.

We are getting somewhat overwhelmed by initiatives to cope with Climate Change. About time too you might think. I have been watching the series of programmes on TV called  " Earth Shot" and it took me some time to find out what it was all about. ( ) I found out eventually that it was an initiative started a year ago to find new ways of responding to all aspects of the damage we are collectively causing to the Earth. The BBC web site is currently giving a good introduction to it I eventually found!

All this made me repeat much of an earlier post about our local situation which is no bad thing!

However this post is just looking at Somerset responses to probably our biggest climate change threat  namely flooding.Where we live is about 50 metres above sea level and there are  predictions of future sea levels which would put us on the new coast line!

This possibility has led to serious efforts to respond. You can see how seriously by visiting the web site set up to focus our local attention to the potential consequences:

I hope you will see why I have gone to the trouble to tell you all about it!

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